Children’s Classes




Art classes for children – after school or Saturdays

For available days, times and booking form see Timetables

Separate pre-teen, teen-only and dedicated Illustration classes are also available – also see Timetables

What age to start? 

Generally, our youngest students can join Children’s classes from about six years old and range through to Early/teens classes (12 -14), until later moving into Teen-only classes (15+ -However all these requisites can be negotiated according to the participant’s art skills and ability to work socially in a small group-workshop environment

Children’s classes are designed for students-only participation (ie non-adult accompany) however we understand some students sometimes require an initial settling in period.  Adults aren’t expected to remain beyond this.

What happens in Children’s classes?

All children’s classes are painting and drawing based

Pencils and acrylic paints are the foundation materials we use and supply. We also supply water-colour paints. collage materials, inks and a vast range of illustration marker pens.
Our aim is not necessary to constantly introduce new materials and mediums etc, but rather to master the core art materials and apply them in diverse ways while also finding individual and practical art-making solutions.

Group and individual demonstrations concerning technical, style and problem-solving issues are regularly practised.

Staff there to assist, guide and nurture visual art development in all students, while progressing their skills, and abilities as well nurturing a broader understanding and enjoyment of art.

At studioMAP, all students select their own art ‘main’ project themes according to each student’s subjects base interests, development and enjoyment.

Student projects usually go on for a few weeks; the length differs depending on the style, approach and ability of each student. Projects become not just the end point but the means of learning, enjoying and nurturing skills.

We occasionally visit galleries and regularly discuss the subject of art with a focus visual knowledge and practice.

Additional to suppling all the tuition & workshop access, all basic materials;  like paper, cardboard, paints, tools and many other basic mediums are included.
Protective smocks/aprons and individual student storage is also supplied.

Classes include a short snack-break about halfway through the class (students supply their own snack/drinks etc).

studioMAP also offers a separate Illustration only workshop every Friday – suitable for children who wish to participate more in illustration in areas such as Poke-Art, Manga styles, cartoon and comic art as well as general and graphic illustration. This class also includes access to and assistance with graphic tablets, digital pens and digital screens.  For more details, timetable and bookings regarding illustration classes see here

As students get older and closer to the early teen category we can assist with a simple transition process.  All participants may proceed when they feel ready and/or ‘tr-out’ the next step accordingly.

To make a Children’s class booking 

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