Art Illustration, POKE-Art / Manga & General Illustration Workshops

In addition to studioMAP’s weekly school term-based Painting and Drawing classes for children and teens (held after school and on weekends) studioMAP also provides Illustration art classes.

Students as young as six years old through to teens attend classes at studioMAP. Classes are well staffed, nurturing and safe. Participants are not expected to be accompanied by an adult. An initial settling-in may, of course require a short parental stay if required.

All studioMAP classes require bookings and accompanied with payment to receive confirmation and a guaranteed place in the workshop.

Illustration classes for 10 weeks, every school term are now available

Fridays 3.30 – 5.30pm

To make a booking, please use the booking form to the right.

No casual sessions are available.
Single try-out classes can be negotiated / subject to available space / please see booking form.

All workshop classes include a short break for which students need to supply their own snacks/drinks.

The Poke-Art, Manga and General Illustration Workshops are designed to introduce, develop and enhance skills in the areas of Pokemon art illustration, Manga and comic styles and offer many more general illustration skills and techniques.

Specialist tutors are employed to expertly facilitate all participants’ learning across various levels of either pre-skilled or beginner levels.

For more about our regular term-based after school and Saturday children’s Painting and Drawing classes, see Here