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About studioMAP


studioMAP is a unique art school for children and teens.

Established in 1995, studioMAP is a professionally run and fully fitted out art-studio located within M16 Artspace (community Art Centre) in Griffith ACT Australia.

studioMAP provides painting, drawing an illustration workshops during ACT school terms.

Students from 6 – 18 yrs attend studioMAP after-school or on Saturdays for weekly term based classes.

Central is the curriculum known as Art-with-a-Map. This unique program of art education, systematically unfolds the painting and drawing process across all classes, ages and visual art abilities.

Art-with a Map is a series of Art Maps, that announce the curriculum’s elements, then expand to an instructional framework to initiate and develop all student’s abilities.

All classes use drawing mediums, acrylic and water-based paints, pencils, markers, digital drawing pads and a wider range of material and equipment. These are included in the fees for use by all students in the studio. Students may simply turn-up at studioMAP and commence working and enjoy their artmaking.

Roughly, three main age-groups guide students to their own particular classes: Children (6-10yrs) Children (9-14yrs) and Teen only (14yrs+)

More studio details and information about the class-types and selecting the most suited, can be found via the links below.

All studioMAP staff are trained and hold current Working With Vulnerable People Cards.

Only term-based classes are offered / no casual classes are available, except if choosing a try-out.

All class bookings are essential / try-out classes can be arranged, if space permits via the Booking form.

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