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About studioMAP


studioMAP is a unique art school for children and teens, established in 1995 by artist and educator Jeffree Skewes. After twenty five years studioMAP is an established, professional and fully fitted out art-studio located within M16 Artspace in Griffith ACT Australia.

studioMAP provides painting, drawing and illustration classes and workshops all year during ACT school terms.

Students from 6 – 18 yrs attend studioMAP after-school or on Saturdays for term based classes

Central to it’s ethos and integrated into all classes is its curriculum known as Art-with-a-Map. This program of art education, systematically unfolds the painting and drawing process across all classes and their ages ranges.  The Core to Art-with a Map are a series of art maps, that define the curriculum and provide the instructional framework to initiate, develop and growth all student’s abilities – not only at a pace that is comparable to their learning stages but also provides a thorough and ongoing platform to endlessly serve their own art journey.

All classes use drawing mediums, acrylic and water based paints, pencils, markers, digital drawing pads and large range of equipment and supporting media. These are supplied and included for use by all students in the studio. Students may simply turn up at studioMAP and commence working.

Four main age groups guide students to their own particular abilities: Children (6-10yrs) Children (8-12yrs) Early-teens (12-15yrs) and Teen only (15yrs+)

Illustration classes are less traditionally based and has a wider aged base (8-14yrs ) focused on contemporary / modern illustration styles that explore current illustration styles like Pokemon Manga and other online derived content.

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All staff are trained and hold WWVP registration.

Bookings are essential / try out classes can be arranges.

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