studioMAP COVID-19 report #3   (24 Mar)

So much for a decisive response!

This whole national and regional ‘shut down’ process is, as you are aware a very complex issue!

In light of new laws and Governments advice(s) the best decision in the very short term is to cease all studioMAP classes for at least the coming weeks

This is to absorb the present public and community response and sentiment relating to both Covid-19 and the reverberating impact the Federal Government’s call for stringent and seriously acted-on social distancing together with the very austere new ‘essential services only’ policies and definitions.

studioMAP aims to be part of the solution – not the problem. A lot of decyphering, listening and learning can take place in this temporary ‘shutdown’ period.

In a nut shell

studioMAP will:

  • cancel all classes starting Monday 23 March.
  • review this decision and plan the next
  • consider/review  offering acceptably safe classes in the near future
  • commence a digital version of studioMAP’s workshops
  • plan to launch term 2 classes (and or beyond)


Thank you for your patience and your messages regarding studioMAP (email phone here)

stat safe distanced and enjoy the beautiful Canberra Autumn. 🙂

UPDATES will continue…here



studioMAP COVID-19 report #2  (22 Mar)

studioMAP is developing a  decisive response to Sunday’s (22 Mar) Federal Government and ACT Gov latest COVID-19 announcements and the details regarding the curtailing of ‘Non-Essential services’ and the upgrading and maintenance of social distancing.

We have previously noted that we would watch closely the position Government Schools policies adopt regarding school closures in regard to COVIV-19.

ACT and NSW Schools were expecting a temporary school shutdown, however this is now disputed and according to the Federal Government schools will not close at this point of time. In the ACT this also means as of Tuesday 24 Mar Government school will have Pupil Free status, meaning they are open. Apparently a significant ACT to those who wish to attend with an eye on developing virtual learning.

Apparently an ACT Gov Education statement will be released tomorrow (Monday 23 Mar) further clarifying their status.

As we are unlikely to be regarded as an essential service, (although there is, of course an important support role for Art Class for Children and Teens t0 be of great service to the community in some acceptable way in these challenging times )  –  then we too, can expect more debate to close our doors to meet the latest social isolating and distancing requirements and other Government directives and community expectations. However as schools are not included or advised  to be shut down by the Federal Chief Health Officer then we will also remain OPEN pending any changes.

Meaning if participants follow the strict social distancing and hygiene protocols then they are welcome to consider continuing to attend studioMAP.

We had just brought our 4x square metres social distancing practices into place together with enhanced hygiene practices since last Friday. These proved very manageable and acceptable to all parties and we will only get better.

This week just gone (16-21 mar) continued to see a 90% attendance/participation rate across all classes. This is at once gratifying and a little confusing. Understandably, if or when school closures are implemented then this is certainly indicative of serious health risks and concerns regarding physical and social interactions.

So until a more expanded response that includes the possibility of a virtual and obviously a non-contact form of Art Classes for Children and Teens and its technological delivery/method is also developed then please expect studioMAP is likely NOT to cease workshop activities for now and for the short to mid-term period.

A final-final confirmation statement regarding studioMAP remaining open or any closure or otherwise will be released here on Monday.

Again I would also ask if anybody in our network can assist, advise or recommend the assistance for the technological and marketing  adaptation of studioMAP, please do not hesitate to get in touch

or ph 0438 003 492

talk soon…. do stay calm as possible, keep the distance back but not the smiles 🙂


Greetings to all



studioMAP COVID-19 report #1.

updated 20 March

Currently, studioMAP is remaining open following the Federal Government’s latest media release of 18 March.

extract here: pertaining to Schools

The National Cabinet has accepted the advice of the AHPPC that schools should remain open at this time.
Specifically the National Cabinet has agreed that “pre-emptive closures are not proportionate or effective as a public health intervention to prevent community transmission of COVID-19 at this time.”
National Cabinet also noted AHPPC advice that “More than 70 countries around the world have implemented either nationwide or localised school closures, at different times in the evolution of the local COVID-19 epidemic, however it should be noted the majority of these have not been successful in controlling the outbreak. 

We are a very small cohort ( 12 students 2/3 staff max ) and as such are confident we can monitor and address the relevant issues accordingly.

This last week has seen a 9o% attendance and while parents and carers are deeply concerned about the immediate and long term implications of the COVID-19 virus – anecdotally most are currently expressing their preference to send children to school and then select activities according to particular sizes, locations and circumstances and to also closely monitor those issues.

studioMAP is ready to make adjustments should the current positions escalate and will be influenced by Government advice and directives.

We are currently researching and hoping to implement future on-line ‘workshop and class’ options. This is not yet at roll-out stage and studioMAP would welcome any technical advice, expertise and support in this area.

The COVID-19 situation is changing daily and studioMAP is very focused on developing and maintaining guidelines which are in line with Government and authoritative medical advice and to strike the right balance between the risks and benefits of attending studioMAP

studioMAP  re-iterates the following  precautions from Government

So Please:

  • Do not visit studioMAP if you have, or anyone living with you has been confirmed or suspected of COVID-19
  • Do not visit studioMAP if you are feeling unwell
  • Do not visit studioMAP for at least two weeks after returning to Australia from international travel.
  • Do not visit studioMAP if you are particularly vulnerable to the consequences of the virus; for example if you suffer from a form of immune deficiency
  • Do practice good hygiene including regular handwashing


Please feel free to contact studioMAP anytime to discuss and seek updates etc.

Take care, stay safe and follow public directives

20 March 2020