Covid update

COVID-19 update #15 /  5 October

Currently studioMAP is continuing to operate as directed by the strict Covid-safe procedures it has had in place since June. (see below for details)

Recent announcements (2 Oct) from the ACT Government ushers changes to Covid-19 restrictions in the ACT that will see the ACT move to step 3.2 of Canberra’s Recovery Plan on Friday 9 October, 2020.

View the recent ACT Government announcement see here

In-brief these changes will not greatly affect the flexibility of our current own recovery plan – mainly the new (3.2) indoor maximum numbers (for small venues) although increasing to 25, will still attract an overarching limit of 15 persons per 4sqr metres – leaving us still at maximum of 15 x persons in our studio.

So we will continue to monitor all the news and government updates and reporting these and implementing any new changes.

* studioMAP has developed a ‘Return to Business plan’ outlining the necessary Covid-safe processes and procedures to safety re-open. Quiet a few undertakings now will be in place to optimally stay safe and preserve our community safety see the studioMAP stage 2 return plan here

In order to meet the earlier and still currently base Covid-19 Stage 2 ACT Government requirements, studioMAP developed a comprehensible Return to Business plan, outlining the nesssesary Covid-19 safe practises and procedures to safely reopen and was endorsed by our governing M16 Artspace Board to recommence activities

The main points include: 1.5m social distancing & room sharing based on 1 person per 4 square metres (studioMAP is 60sq mtrs) / max of 15 persons in studio at one time / sustained self-hygiene and hand-sanitising / implement additional regular and frequent cleaning systems / food not be stored or consumed in the studio / Important Note: persons showing Flu and cold signs or symptoms, will be asked to leave.

Thank you for your vigilance, patience and support – stay well, safe happy and connected.

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