Holiday Art



Holiday Painting Drawing and illustration workshops

Monday to Fridays 9.00 ~11am   or  3.30~5.30pm

29 January ~ 2 February 2018

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 Who’s it for ? 

For young people who are interested in art in general but focused on drawing / painting / illustration.

Participants can do either or blend all of these areas of visual investigation.

Generally our youngest students begin from about six years old and range through to early-teens (12 -13yrs)

Children’s Holiday Art workshops are designed for students-only participation (non-Adult) however we understand some young students sometimes require an initially settling in period.  Like at school grown-ups are not expected to remain beyond the settle in period.

We do have a wonderful caring staff who are Working with Vulnerable People registered. 🙂


What happens in Holiday Art workshops?

Our Holiday workshops are different to our regular term painting and drawing classes in that they are based on graphic investigation, rather than (traditional) painting and drawing per say.

studioMAP has elevated illustration art in a workshop-style suitable for children who wish to participate more in the illustration areas such as Pokemon-Art, Manga styles, cartoon and comic art as well as general and graphic illustration. This class also includes  access to digital graphic tablets and digital screens.

Our Holiday art workshops include painting and drawing at the same level of inquiry (only shorter) than our regular during school term-based. We introduce all participants to our unique curriculum know as Art-with-a-Map. Participants will gain technical and practical knowledge, enabling them to refine their art making skills and gain tips, problem solving and guidance to produce richer and finer artwork.

A map is:  a visual device used to find one’s way… at studioMAP we help participants find theirs

We use pencils, paint brushes, a large range of coloured marker pens, supported with water-colours and acrylic paints and other tools.  Our aim here is to look at, introduce and develop individual styles and techniques while looking at traditional forms and the great artists.

Group and individual demonstrations concerning technical issues will be practiced.

All students select their own art ‘main’ project themes and include subjects based on their own interests and enjoyment. We are there to assist with this and nurturing visual art development in all students.

studioMAP  supplies all the tuition, workshop access, all the basic materials;  like paper, cardboard, paints,  tools and many other basic mediums. Protective smocks/aprons (where required) and individual student storage is also supplied.

Holiday workshops do include a short snack-break about halfway through the class (students supply their own snack/drinks etc)

studioMAP has easy access, adjacent car parking  and is cool air-conditioned.

oh and yes and it’s going to be BIG fun too 🙂

What’s it cost ?

Mon – Fri  9-11am or 3.30-5.30pm  $160

Casual places  @ $40 per session (min of 2)

Bookings essential


To make a Holiday Art workshop booking 

Complete our online  Holiday Art Booking form

Following your booking and payment we will send you confirmation and your ready to start!

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