• studioMAP is a community access art studio and workshop established in 1995 and housed within M16 Artspace Griffith ACT      
  • Children from 6 years old through to late teens can enrol anytime to become art students and join classes at studioMAP.
  • Classes are age blended according to ages. 
  • some students are beginners, intermediate and others have committed to many years of participation, learning and fun at studioMAP. 
  • Weekly after school or Saturday classes are held during the ACT school term dates. Terms are usually for ten weeks.
  • Casual places are not available although  ‘try-out’ classes can be negotiated.
  • Fees are based on term-length periods.
  • studioMAP’s curriculum known as Art-with-a-MAP is intended to meet all the specific needs of every individual student, from early beginners, intermediate and through to the highest standards.
  • Art-with-a-MAP is a system of art skills enhancing perceptual development and technical proficiencies across the Drawing, Illustration and Painting.
  • This Art-with-a-MAP curriculum is designed to ‘grow deeper drawers’ as students develop and mature their visual art learning and experiences.
  • All students begin at their beginning and grow at their own rate, guided and nurtured by tutors and assisting staff (usually former or current students of studioMAP)


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