studioMAP is a community access art studio and workshop established in 1995

studioMAP is a tenant member of M16 Artspace Griffith ACT

Weekly after-school or Saturday classes

Term based bookings

Enroll children from 6 years old through to late teens

Dedicated junior, pre-teen only and Teen only classes

Try-out classes can be negotiated.

Fees based on term-length periods.

 studioMAP’s has unique curriculum known as Art-with-a-MAP


Art-with-a-MAP is intended to meet all the specific needs of every individual student across all level

Art-with-a-MAP is an unfolding system developing skills to enhance visual & perceptual development

Students are supported with a suite of traditional and contemporary tools and materials

Students receive technical assistance in Drawing, Illustration and Painting

All students begin at their own beginning point and guided and nurtured by our proficient staff

All basic materials and tools are supplied and included in the student’s fees

Bookings are essential

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